Objectives of Curriculum:

The Curriculum Corresponds to:

Achieve outstanding executive, affective and psychomotor skills;

Enhancing self-confidence and exploring innate potential;

Promoting life-skills, setting goals and lifelong learning;

Inculcate principles in an interdependent community and encourage mutual literacy and international understanding;

Acquire the capacity to use technology and information to benefit humanity;

Reinforce life skills awareness and attitude;

Develop the ability to appreciate art and show case-talents;

Promote physical fitness, nutrition and wellness.

Foster creative learning in the arts.

Curriculum in Primary & Middle Class

Experiential learning forms the core of the teaching-learning process in classes I to VIII. To create an interactive environment, it uses an interesting mix of graphs, visual representations, maps and models, created by both teachers and students. This hands-on approach is complemented by visits to language, math and junior science labs, and is supported by traditional classroom transfers. Education is also provided through visits to museums and engineering and technical institutes and industries where students gain first-hand knowledge of how scientific principles can be applied.

In line with the latest developments in the field of education, teaching and learning also take place via interactive smart boards that stimulate the students through a host of concept-based visuals.

Flexibility and individualisation are characteristic of the academic pattern in the senior section. This focuses on the individual students ' needs and includes a learner-centric approach. The development of new knowledge is made more important by the incentives for its use. Projects, exhibits, seminars or field trips ensure that the learner can find many opportunities for practical application of the theory.

A host of co-curricular activities including athletics, fine arts, and performing arts prepare the child for a safe, tolerant attitude to life and relationships.

Curricular practices in Senior Secondary School

Students in Senior Secondary School are directed in preparing for various competitive examinations.

The Graphite School prepares students according to CBSE curriculum for exams in the fields of science and commerce. Senior high school students are also trained to participate in the various competitive exams through a specially designed classroom coaching system by the SPS professional faculty. The program offers students a considerable advantage in terms of higher education content, Common Entrance Tests and University placement tests.

Our ratings are focused on projects, science exhibits, research events, weekly quiz contests, presentations and monthly reviews

Field trips, seminars and guest lectures take on new importance as the focal point for encounters with experts and specialists in various fields.

Evaluation / Results: As per CBSE criteria.

In the school, interdisciplinary exercises were implemented to give the students a specific and wide knowledge of a particular topic through various activities and assignments throughout different subject areas.

Subjects Offered I-XII

Class Subjects
Class I - V English, EVS, Mathematics, Hindi, Life, skills, HPE, G.K., Arts & Craft, AI
Class VI - VIII English, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Hindi, Life, skills, HPE, G.K., Arts & Craft, Social Science, Science, AI,
Class IX - X English, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Hindi, Life, skills, HPE, G.K. Arts & Craft, Social Science, Science, AI (IX)
Class XI - XII Science English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology, Optional Subject - Physical Education, Hindi Core, Informatics Practices (IP),
Class XI - XII Commerce English Core, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy Optional Subject - Mathematics, Physical Education, Hindi Core, Informatics Practices (IP),
Class XI - XII Humanities English Core, History, Political Science, Economics, Optional Subject - Mathematics, Physical Education, Hindi Core, Informatics Practices (IP),

Class – I

Class – II

Class – III

Class – IV

Class – V

Class – VI

Class – VII

Class – VIII

Class – IX

Class – X

Class – XI Commerce

Class – XI Humanities

Class – XI Science

Class – XII Commerce

Class – XII Humanities

Class – XII Science