Diwali Celebration at Graphite

Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’ was celebrated at Graphite Higher Secondary School on 09 Noveber 2023.

The day was marked by a special assembly in the school auditorium highlighting the message of ‘Green Diwali, Clean Diwali’.Eco -Friendly Diwali.

Decorated with Diyas and vibrant hues, the auditorium had an ambience of joy and happiness. The students showcased the spirit of Diwali through a scintillating dance performance which added much exuberance and brought great joy to the audience. The assembly concluded with the Principal emphasizing on the message of a green, clean and peaceful Diwali.

Counselling Session

Graphite Higher Secondary School organized a Career Counselling Session for students of Class XI & XII on 2nd November 2023 . A career counselling session is not just talking and listening. It’s an interactive exchange of thoughts to understand yourself and the right career path .Career decisions play a pivotal role in shaping the future growth and development of students. In today’s environment of multiple options, know about choices available helps children in their decision making process. The session commenced by Mr.Lokesh Muley, an eminent career counselor, Senior mentor at Topmarkers Ed-Tech. He emphasized the importance of knowing one’s potential and subject of interest before making a decision. The session aimed at making the students aware of the multiple career options available. He guided the students to identify their interests and what they are good at the session was informative and enriching as well.

Night Sky Watching

Graphite Higher Secondary School, Mandideep
Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi (Affiliation No. 1030821)
Mandideep, October 20, 2023

Starry Night Leave All in Awe: The Science Department of Graphite Higher Secondary School in partnership with Aryabhat Foundation, Bhopal organised a scientific Workshop on Night sky Observation on the evening of October 20, 2023 in its school ground in Mandideep. This event was open not only open for the students of 4th to 12th grade but also their guardians. The young and the old all took part in the workshop enthusiastically to enrich their basic understanding of cosmic objects. Six Astronomical telescopes of 100 to 250 mm were made available by Aryabaht Foundation to provide an up-close and personal view of planets like Saturn & Jupiter and stars and constellations like Polaris, Moon, Umi, Aqi, Cyg, Peg, Fomalhaut, Deneb, Markab, Scheat and M-31. More than thousand Students along with their parents, were thrilled to explore the mysteries of the cosmos. The event also encouraged hands-on learning, allowing students to operate telescopes and deepen their appreciation for the wonders of the astronomical universe. Special guest Mr Sanjay Gupta, Founder of Aryabhat Foundation delivered a captivating talk on the beauty of the cosmos and the significance of scientific exploration. He said “ Aryabhat foundation is a special endeavor for promotion of Basic Science. From 1995, the organisation is committed to serving Basic Science in a such a way to the youngsters that it inculcates a science-based temperament in them. The celestial bodies had always been objects of anxiety in the minds of the people through olden days some of which were looked at with fear. The emergence of scientific information has enabled people to understand their origin & structure and thus helped them to come out of the feeling of trepidation about them.” Graphite School and Aryabaht Foundation to inculcate Scientific temperament amongst students and parents”


Team Planet Saviour of Graphite School won prize in All India Competition on a Sustainable World. Congratulations to our students winners and their mentors.

Teacher’s Day Celebration & Ravi Sir’s Visit

Teacher's Day Celebration in the esteemed presence of Shri Ravi Jhjhunwala, CMD, HEG Ltd.
The teachers' Day celebration at Graphite Higher Secondary School commenced with a warm welcome to our esteemed Chief Guest Shri Ravi Jhunjhunwala and Mr Manish Gulati, SMC President & ED, HEG Ltd. The Principal of GHSS , teachers, and students set the tone for a day filled with gratitude, appreciation and celebration.
The event began with a revered prayer symbolising significance of the occasion. A floral tribute was paid to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan by all the dignitaries follwed by a brief presentation enlightening all on the importance of Teacher’s Day, emphasizing the role of educators in society.
The students greeted the teachers through a melodious song wishing them a happy Teacher’s Day. A captivating dance performance added vibrancy to the event.
The chief guest of the event Shri Ravi Jhunjhunwala ji was felicitated with a token of appreciation for gracing the occasion with his presence. He delivered an inspiring speech, motivating teachers and students. Mr.Manish Gulati extended a warm welcome to the CMD and addressed the gathering acknowledging the commitment and dedication of Principal & teachers in the school.

Investiture Ceremony, Inauguration of Auditorium & Release of Magazine-
Leadership is not a position but a commitment to excellence

The most spectacular event of the year: Investiture Ceremony was held on August 18, 2023, in the school's new auditorium. Also a long cherished dream came true after months of planning, engineering, and hardworking, the newly constructed Auditorium in the main school building was blessed and inaugurated. The inauguration of It confers responsibility on the students to develop leadership skills during their school years. It helps them to develop ideals and values that would aid them in life later on. The event commenced with a traditional lamp lighting ritual followed by welcoming the guest of honour, our esteemed members of the management committee with the sapling. Felicitation of Student Council and House Council marked the most captivating moments of the ceremony. The Head Boy of school administered the oath wherein the students pledged to carry out their responsibilities with integrity and dedication so as to uphold the glorious name of the school and the country. The Chief Guest Mr.Manish Gulati delivered an enriching speech which emphasized learning from failure as well as success, planning, confidence, teamwork, self-motivation and respect. It was a day imbued with a sense of pride, humility, and leadership. Inauguration of the Auditorium and release of School Magazine by our chief guest added more glory and charm to our institution. The cultural fiesta commenced with a classical dance presentation that reflected all the cherished hues of our freedom and solidarity. Principal addressed the students her valuable words and motivated them to be self disciplined. The program came to an end with a vote of thanks by Head Girl.

Yoga Day

The Graphite school celebrated The International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2023.On the occasion of Yoga Day, warm-up exercises were taken and all the students performed sitting and standing asanas, the importance of these were explained simultaneously.



A moment etched in the stars as Chandrayaan 3 achieves a soft landing, showcasing our nation's indomitable spirit and scientific prowess. Here's to the brilliant minds and dedicated efforts that have propelled us to this historic juncture. A celestial salute to India's excellence!

School New Building Inauguration

As part of the vision and leadership position, HEG considers its Corporate Social Responsibility a very important aspect of giving back to society. Amongst other activities HEG also runs Graphite Higher Secondary School since its establishment in 1981.

In continuation with our policy of growth, Mr. Manish Gulati, Executive Director of HEG & President SMC inaugurated a new state-of-the- art building on March 30, 2023. The construction of this building is aimed for an influx of around 1400 students thereby giving them ample space and amenities for their growth and development. The sprawling new infrastructure is aimed to provide all required facilities for the 21st century learners. The School boasts of spacious and airy classrooms, vast ICT lab, huge multipurpose hall, music & dance room, Science & Math laboratories, a dynamic auditorium and a well-stocked learning resource center.

Mr. Manish Gulati, Executive Director of HEG shared a motivational address to the entire staff of the school and congratulated them all. He quoted that we are committed to continue our good work, develop this school and the students with integrity and values; also, to give our students the best opportunities and the best all-round education.

Pariksha pe Charcha

Graphite School participated with lots of zeal on Parikshape charcha organized by CBSE. Nearly 300 students from Graphite school participated in the program and registered their name. Post completion of questionnaire and submission on the link were provided, they were awarded with certificates.

Inter school Patriotic Group song completion

“Raag Ullaas” To portray values of patriotism, peace, unity, hard work, liberty, service and singing talent of the students,Interschool Patriotic Group song Competition was organized at Graphite Higher Secondary School,Mandideep on 28th January 2023. Students from class VI to XII of all four schools of LNJ group participated in the competition. The Competition was conducted in 2 categories VI to VIII-Junior Category and IX to XII- Senior. category. The theme of the competition was Patriotic songs. The children showcased a sense of pride, esteem and confidence through this competition. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the mellifluous songs. The winners and participants were provided with certificates.

Science Quiz

Students of Graphite Higher Secondary School enthusiastically participated in Annual Science Quiz -2023 organized by Regional Science Center Bhopal, a unit of NCSM. The competition was conducted from 17/01/2023 to 31/01/2023. Two students participated in each senior and junior category.

Graphite students competed with 12+ schools of Bhopal in junior category and secured third position. They received cash prize, certificate and trophy for securing special position.

Students displayed excellent knowledge and their confidence was an all-time high and it also added to their concentration along with holistic development.

Painting Competition

Young painters of Graphite Higher Secondary School participated in Pariksha Pe Charcha Inter school painting competition on January 21 organized at Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Raisen. Students delineated Mantras of honorable Prime minister on canvas. Students portrayed creative thoughts into pictures. Their proportion, quality, perspective and confidence were boosted as they competed with students of other schools. Also the students were felicitated with certificates and books on the same day.

Annual Prize Distribution And Cultural Bonanza

On the occasion of 74th Republic day Graphite Higher Secondary School celebrated its Annual Prize Distribution and Cultural Bonanza on the theme of Atulya Sanskriti. The program was graced by Shriyut L. N. Jhunjhunwala. Students performed dance on the theme of ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’ and showed their invigorating talents.

Further students got certificates, medals and trophy for their performance throughout the year.

Municipal Council Cultural Program

Preprimary students gave enchanting and marvelous performance in the inauguration of cultural program. More than 40 students participated in recitation of Hanuman Chalisa and secured 1st position. Inauguration started with Ganesh Vandana performed by Yogita Mehra.

Fun with the Sun

Young graphitians of classes IX to XII enthusiastically attended the astronomy workshop on April 22, 2023 organised by Aryabhatt Foundation, Bhopal. They explored about the structure of sun and came to know about solar spectrum. Solar flares, sun spot etc. Students also learend about the safety measures to be taken while watching the sun and the solar eclipes. The uses of safe guards like solar box, nichrome glass and eye shields etc. The workshop enhanced their astronomical knowledge and inculcated scientific temperament in them.

Zero Shadow Activity

Zero shadow activity and Eratosthenes experiment was conducted in the Graphite school premises on April 17, 2023, where the students of classes IX & X participated enthusiastically. This workshop was conducted in association with Aryabhatt foundation, Bhopal. The resource person Mr. Akash explained the concepts of zero shadow to the students and let them perform an activity to observe the phenomenon of zero shadow. Students were also came to know about the reasons of occurring day & night, change in weather etc. shankuyantra and nadivalay-yantra was the centre of attraction which triggered the young minds to learn and understand the real beauty of Physics.

Science Quiz @ RSC

On the occasion of earth day-2023 students of GHSS participated in oral interactive Science Quiz organized by Regional Science Centre, Bhopal. The students encountered with the questions based on the theme ‘Save Planet Earth’. About 20+ schools participated in the competition where the students of graphite grabbed many exciting gifts and felicitated with the participation certificates. The team spirit shown by the graphite students was commendable.

Science Model Contest-2023 @RSC

The science lover Graphitians Pushpa Parmar & Vedika Dixit along with Guide teacher Ms. Shalini Jain participated in SCIENCE MODEL CONTEST-2023 organised by Regional Science Centre , Bhopal on April 12,2023 on the occasion of Innovation Festival-2023 organised by Govt. of MP under its MSME department.

The students made the working model of HYDROPONICS and gave presentation of its working, principle, utility and importance, and also faced the questions encountered by the visitors and specialists of scientific and research institutes confidently. Both the participants along with guide teacher felicitated with participation certificates.

SUMMER CAMP (May 1 to May 6, 2023

“Summer camp is a great opportunity to explore new things or dive deep into areas you love.”

GHSS hosted its first ever Summer Camp for a week, May 1 to May 6, 2023 for its students. It had a combination of various activities in which the students enjoyed while creating memories. They showcased their learning in the closing ceremony that was held on May 6, 2023.


16 students of GHSS (classes VIII and IX) visited Regional Science Centre on the occasion of National Technology Day. They witnessed the working and different aspects of Four Legged Robot. The dancing robot was the attraction. It was a newer experience of practical application of AI which they study in their books. Students were thrilled with this visit.


“Mother’s Love – a Gem to be treasured.”

Keeping the idea behind this quote in mind, a virtual celebration on Mother’s day was organized by the students and teachers of GHSS, where the children were motivated to perform their most favourite activity they do with their mothers. The main idea was to highlight the importance of mother in the life of a child and to make the mothers feel special.

Primary students sent the videos and pictures of joyful moments spend with their mothers, while senior students prepared beautiful charts and handmade cards as a token of love for their mothers. It was an event designed to create memories of the most eternal bond.


School organized a special Nature study cum trekking expedition programme for the students at 15 Miles in district Kullu (HP) , included many adventurous activities which boosted our student's with courage, leadership, national integration, team spirit and lots of fruitful achievements. Students visited Rumsu Camp site , Ghankuladi campsite, Naya Tapru Camp site, Nathan Seri camp site.They also visited famous Hadimba Temple , Allain Duhangan Hydropower Plant, Rock Garden of Chandigarh.

SDG Activity – “Nardep Visit”

A 5 day exhaustive trip was organized for students and teachers (02 teachers and 02 students) to Nardep, Kanyakumari with the following objectives:

  • Constructive learning on SDG with so much of passion and hands on training.
  • Eco-friendly technology can help preserve the environment through energy efficiency and reduction of harmful waste.
  • Different types of composts
  • Azolla technology
  • Vermi wash
  • Liquid formulations
  • Integrated pest management
  • Bio gas plant


Students of classes IV to IX visited The Regional Science Centre, Bhopal on the occasion of World Environment Day (June 5). This visit was planned to spread awareness about the World Environment Day through plantation and watching a movie on NATURE. Also to impart knowledge regarding the adverse effects of continuous usage of plastic by the human beings. These students first planted few saplings in the school premises. Thereafter they went to Regional Science Centre, Bhopal

The students became a part of the different programs held there named as ---

  • Opening of the Medicinal Plants Corner "SANJEEVIKA" .
  • Nature Film Show – “The Plastic Problem" .

Through these programs, the students came to know about the names of different medicinal plants and their uses. They planted these medicinal plants in the leftover big or small plastic bottles of Phenyl.


"Dad- A son’s first hero, a daughter’s first love."

With the thought of provoking an emotional insight of our students virtual father’s day was organized for the students of Nur to II. The pictures or videos of students with their father was invited and compiled into a beautiful video. It was presented as a token of love for all the loving and caring fathers’.


To promote and conserve awareness of the rich cultural tapestry amongst young students, 5 students from Graphite School participated in International Convention hosted by SPIC MACAY in Nagpur. Students came to know about various musical instruments of Indian origin which earlier they were not aware of.

They had undergone extensive training of various dance forms from renowned maestro from all across India.

They also learned yoga and meditation to gain mental fitness. Students were filled with the feeling of pride and love towards the rich Indian cultural heritage.

School is going to take official membership of SPIC MACAY this year.


The school celebrated International Yoga Day on June 21, 2023 under the theme “VasudaivaKutumbhkam”. On this occasion various warm up exercises were taken and all students, including teachers performed those Warm up exercise, Yoga aasan and other exercises. The importance of each exercise was explained simultaneously. Due to the extension of summer holidays, online Yoga Session was conducted for the students of Nur. to V, wherein the students participated very energetically.

Recreation Activities for staff

Meditation is relaxation and rejuvenates the body and mind. With this aim in mind, a workshop was organised from 7th June to 19th June 2023, for all the staff members, Ms.Rohini Raut, took yoga session with great dedication. The teachers participated with full interest, enthusiasm and eagerness.

The session began by seeking the blessings of the Almighty by chanting the Gayatri Mantra.Asanas starting with warming up and stretching were followed by a series of Padmasanas, Sukhasan, Tadasana, BhujangAsana and ending with Shavasana. Exercises for relieving stress, reducing joint pain and enhancing the flexibility of the back were also done for the benefit of the teachers.


An Online quiz- Brain Hustle was organized for the students of II to V to spread awareness about the SDG and identify the major sustainability challenges. First a session was taken by Dr. PoojaDwivedi (SDG incharge Primary wing) where she imparted knowledge regarding the SDG and also made the students aware about there social responsibility as future citizens.


Session by S. Chand Publications for empowering educators (7/6/23)
To enhance professional development of teacher, Graphite school organised teacher training development program by S. Chand publication. Resource person Mr. Kuldeep Chouhan took a thorough training on NEP and NCF. It added value to teacher’s knowledge on detail of NEP and NCF curriculum along with classroom management.

The exhaustive sessions planned for explanation and demonstration of NCF FS during summer break for empowering teachers were executed between June 7 to June 15, 2023. These sessions were taken as a part of cooperative learning where each chapter of NCF/NEP was assigned to a group of two teachers. The teachers prepared on the given topic and explained to their peers in different innovative techniques.

Aerospace Engineering Career Awareness Sessions (ISRO)

To open vista & mind’s opportunities for the students by letting the students know more about Aeronautical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, AV Engineering etc.

Learning Objectives Achieved: - Students got familiarised with the procedure of pursuing career in the fields of Space & Technology.

Future Plan :- Will organize more career-oriented seminars.

Telescope Making Workshop @ Regional Science Centre, Bhopal

To train the student to make the telescope and to understand about the telescope

Learning Objectives Achieved: -Students attended the Telescope-making workshop and made their own Telescope under the guidance of the Regional Science Centre team.

Future Plan :- Students will attend the same workshop next year also.

Recycling the Papers

Help in reducing Greenhouse gas emissions and waste.

Learning Objectives Achieved: -The major objective of this activity is to turn out waste paper into new paper products. It also reduce greenhouse effect as well as garbage form the planet.

Future Plan :- To promote such type of environmental friendly activity in order to reduce the amount of pollution in the air and waste from the earth.

Science Fiesta @ Regional Science Centre, by Ministry of Culture, GOI.

To ignite the scientific temperament and to let them interact with the Scientific Researcher of the present day which will develop interest in the students towards the field of science and research.

Learning Objectives Achieved: -Students got inspired.
Students queries were resolved by the intellectuals.
Students knowledge enhanced.

Future Plan :- Students will participate in the Annual Science quiz on 17th & 18th January 2023 in Junior and Senior categories respectively (Quarter Finals) organized by the Ministry of Culture @ Regional Science Centre, Bhopal.

Mathematics - Model Making Workshop

To find the value of Pi (π) practically in the lab.

Learning Objectives Achieved: - How to find the value of Pi (π).

Future Plan :- Find the value of Pi (π) in the class and also make understand other students of secondary section to how to get the value of Pi (π).

Valuable Guidance from our Guide & Mentor Respected Babuji

1)  Dadaji ki Antriksh Yatra :- They gained valuable knowledge about stars & planets.

2)  Space Travel :- Students develop interest about how satellites are used, space travels, living on the moon, travel to the planet.

3) Yah Kalibanga Hai :- They develop their interest towards the poetry .

4) Bhigi Lakeeren :- They gained knowledge about the ancient civilization of Kalibanga village.

Activity - La-fruta-festa

To encourage students of Nursery, KG1 and KG2 to eat and enjoy fruits, Graphite School conducted fruits day celebration in school. The Tiny tots participated with great enthusiasm and zeal through activities like tear and paste. The children also spoke about their favourite fruits.

Activity -Father’s Day

Graphite higher secondary school conducted Father’s Day for class Nursery to Class 5th on 20th June in school premises. Students showed their love and care for their father through various activities like card making, collage making and poem recitation. Student’s creativity and speaking skills were enhanced through this activity.

Activity -Yoga Day

Major achievement being the students learnt about the importance of total well being and how to lead a healthy lifestyle with the help of yoga regularly.

World Environment Day Event

Graphite Higher Secondary School conducted Plantation on World environment Day.Under guidance of Principal Mrs. Swati Rahatekar and NCC officer Mr. Nirmal Yadav.NCC students planted trees in school premises to spread awareness of planting trees. Class 1 to class 5 made greeting cards on the occasion and showed their knowledge on environment and creativity.

JallianWala Bagh Massacre - Movie show

Graphite Higher Secondary School conducted a movie show for classes 6th to 8th on 13th of April to make students aware about the JallianWala Bagh Massacre, which killed hundreds of innocent people. The movie show was conducted during school hours. The children came to know about the sacrifices people made to attain freedom. Students understood the importance of freedom and realized that the path to free India was not easy.

NCC Camp Activities

ATCI camp was organised by 2MP AIR SQN NCC at Bansal Engineering Institute Bhopal. Various activities performed were - Drill, Weapon Training, Cultural Activities, Aero Modeling and First Aid Training. Two seminars were done by Air force recruitment board on psychology and SSB training. Plantation on World environment was done by 17 boys, 8 girls and 1 NCC officer to spread awareness and criticality of survival. Achievement – Udita Mehra won the 1st prize in Solo song competition.

2nd International Sports & Games

Indian Sports Federation organized II International Karate 2019 on 23rd and 24th November 2019 at Assonora Sports Complex, Mapusa (Goa). Our student, Mas. Pradeep Kumar Naik of class VIII participated in the Karate competition under the category of under-55 kg event Kumite and bagged II prize in the event.

CBSE Story Telling Competition

CBSE organized the first story telling competition for students of the school with the aim to enhance creativity, analysis, thinking and evaluation skills and developing English communication. The story telling competition was narrating story by each student in his/her own omit and unique way in a fixed time limit.

NCC Camp

NCC camp was organized in Indore from 23rd November to 2nd December 2019. Ten boys of the school attended the camp at Indore. Cadets from all over the country attended the camp and in the Junior Division Mas. S. Kartik got first prize in the debate competition and was also given the award of best cadet.

Diwali Festival

Celebrating the festival of removing the darkness of ignorance and replacing it with the light of hope and knowledge, Diwali the festival of lights came live on 24th October, 2019 when the whole school wore a festive look with rangoli and decorative hangings, and assemblage of decorative lamps.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

One week intensive program to celebrate the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was conducted in school to make the students know the ideals, principles of the great man. All faith prayer singing showing respect to all and mono acting to make the students to practice Ahimsa, Swatchchta and Seva were the main activity.

5th Annual Athletic & Sports Meet

The 5th Annual Athletic Meet &Sports Day was organized in Graphite School Mandideep on 15th November 2019 at the R&D centre HEG Ltd Mandideep. The Chief Guest of the program was Shri Anvesh Mangalam IPS, Additional General of Police Bhopal. Shri Ranadeep Chakraborty Vice President HEG Ltd, Shi Badri Prasad Chouhan President, Municipal Council Mandideep and Shri Rajesh Yadav Distt.


Dussehra festival is one of the unique in its perception and significance. Dusserha celebration in school was organized to mark the victory of Rama and signify the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness over gloom. With the traditional worship of god everyone in the school seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss.

Teachers Day

“A good teacher is similar to a candle that consumes itself to light up others paths.” HEG celebrated Teachers day on 5th September, 2019 by honoring all the teachers of our Graphite School, Mandideep.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi festival was celebrated in school with pomp, gaiety, joy and devotion on the 2nd September, 2019. Students made eco friendly clay Ganesha and sensitized the students on the importance of preserving the environment. No child was seen felt short of either enthusiasm or poise and all of them made their own beautiful piece of Ganesha idols.