Wellness Program

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day Was celebrated in school on June 21, 2018. The day marked the awareness of the importance of the yoga as the most powerful unifying force in the world which helps the heart to be joyous, intellect sharp and body healthy and makes a path for an individual from illness to wellness.

Students were told that yoga is considered a remarkable scientific system to remain fit. The celebration of Yoga Day in school included chanting of "OM" followed by Surya Namaskar and a lecture on the need and benefits of yoga for all the human beings. Students were asked to take a pledge to include yoga in their daily life and remain fit, energetic, fresh and active in their life.

They were asked to always be careful about having bath regularly, washing hair often, using flush before and after using, wearing clean and dry clothes to keep themselves safe from infections of germs, keeping face hygiene & taking care of skin etc.The school principal also guided the students to lead a good healthy life by making them understand the value of good health and personal hygiene.

As a part of the health and hygiene awareness week, lectures were conduct for girls in Graphite School to make them cautious about their health and hygiene as it is necessary for their well being. A lecture on health and personal hygiene was delivered by Smt Jyotsna Tiwari, Gynaecologist. The girls were given awareness on how they should keep their body clean and prevent illness and save themselves from infection, bacteria or virus. Girls were asked to follow simple ways to have good health like washing hands & keeping body & skin clean etc.

Health and Hygiene

HEALTH AND HYGIENE is one of the most important aspect of any child’s life as a healthy mind is only found in a healthy body. Good health is only found in the students when they follow good eating habit and also take care to keep a balance in eating food.

In the morning assembly activity, teachers created awareness in students and told them to regularly check their nails, have a proper haircut, regularly have bath and wear clean clothes.

Students were told that the environment in which they live must be hygienically good and safe for them. They were told about the proper way of disposing the waste and creating compost in their home.

In the assembly activity students were told on the importance of being careful of health and hygiene and told to be vigilant and careful while taking food which is made & sold in the open. Also adviced to avoid junk food as they are harmful and hazardous for their health. They were told to include green vegetables & fruits in their daily meals.

International Yoga Day

A week long Yoga program was conducted in Graphite School in the month of June, 2019. The Yoga Day was celebrated fervently by all teachers and students of the school. The students were told about the importance and significance of yoga and meditation in one’s life. The week-long celebration included the presentations of different types of yoga, teaching the steps of yoga, meditation etc. The program was aimed to raise awareness world wide of the benefits of practicing yoga and the holistic solution of physical as well as mental wellness.