World Environment Day Event

Graphite Higher Secondary School conducted Plantation on World environment Day. Under guidance of Principal Mrs. Swati Rahatekar and NCC officer Mr. Nirmal Yadav. NCC students planted trees in school premises to spread awareness of planting trees. Class 1 to class 5 made greeting cards on the occasion and showed their knowledge on environment and creativity.

World Earth Day

The World Earth Day was celebrated in Graphite School on 22nd April, 2022. The program was made communicable to students in such a way that it can add on to the importance of the day and create the awareness of saving the natural resources. The program included the speech on necessity of Earth Day, Group Song, Mime play, pledge and principal’s speech. The song presentation was basically devoted to pay thanks to the Mother Earth for her blessing and making the life sustainable.

Students canvassed the necessity of trees through Mime show. The school Principal in her message told students, that it was the moral duty of all to conserve natural resources. Through their eye-catching programs, students conveyed the message of saving trees and planting more trees, not wasting the resources of the earth & conserving them for future and keeping the environment healthier.

Swatchta Pakhwada

Swatchta Pakhwada was observed in school to aware the students on the importance of clean environment and the ways to maintain it. Students and teachers were motivated for maintaining cleanliness.

Many activities were conducted in the school during morning assembly to make the students understand the value of keeping the surroundings clean. Activities like Green school drive, proper waste management (proper disposal of waste using green and red bin for disposing the wet and dry waste).

Using garbage for composting and enhance the fertility of soil, using paper bags and avoiding polythene bags, informing the student about hygiene and sanitation and extensive cleaning of the school premises. Students understood the value of keeping the surrounding clean. Hand wash day was also observed and the students were told about the proper method of washing hands. Students were also told about hygiene and sanitation and its need for good health.

Students presented a talk & skit on cleanliness and pledged to keep their surroundings clean. School cabinet inspected the sanitation facilities in school and presented a report of it to the school principal.